and install

Detailed instructions for building are in the user's manual.


Currently, to use Bertini_real, you must self-compile. You have one option at this time:

1) Clone the repo. Repository is available at github

git clone git://

2) Important note: you must have Bertini (as a library) available for the compiler and linker. For this, you must first build and install Bertini 1.

3) Other dependencies are a C++ compiler capable of the C++11 standard, an MPI (such as MPICH2), Boost ≥1.53, MPFR, and GMP. If you are using a Mac, I strongly encourage you to use Homebrew to install all these packages. It will make your life so much easier! On Linux, use the package manager provided; e.g. apt-get. Windows users are supported through Cygwin or a virtual machine running a flavor of *nix.

4) The install pattern is that of the GNU Autotools:
./configure && make && (sudo)make install

Prior to configuring, since you are cloning the source repo, you must first generate the configure script. To do this, run autoreconf, and for those Unix users out there, run libtoolize first, since apparently this doesn't happen inside autoreconf. If you hate the build system I have in place, consider helping out by providing a better one. CMake would be cool.

If you need help compiling, please contact me!
How to cite this software:

S. Amethyst, D.J. Bates, W. Hao, J.D. Hauenstein, A.J. Sommese and C.W. Wampler. Bertini_real: software for real algebraic sets. Available online at

There's also a paper (I've corrected my name in this reference, it's incorrect in the paper):

title={Algorithm 976: Bertini\_real: Numerical decomposition of real algebraic curves and surfaces},
author={Amethyst, Silviana and Bates, Daniel J and Hao, Wenrui and Hauenstein, Jonathan D and Sommese, Andrew J and Wampler, Charles W},
journal={ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS)},
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